The I STOP for Peace Campaign, a project of Growing Communities for Peace
a 501c3 nonprofit organizati

The most important question in the world - why is this child crying? - Alice Walker


Is this child a victim of violence? Bullying? Domestic abuse? Addicted or emotionally unavailable parents?
What can you do to help these children and more?

Smart Tools for Life creates children's books and music that promote healthy personal growth. They build children’s peacemaking, peacebuilding, and peacekeeping skills and lead to changes in the culture that led to these unhappy situations. Children become more resilient today, and less likely to perpetuate self-destructive and hurtful behaviors as they grow up.

Designed for ages 3 to 8, because that’s where the big cultural and emotional shifts must occur, The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace kicks off a campaign where children have a chance to learn new skills, then practice using them.

The educational delivery system, thoroughly detailed in the book, involves mentors, parents and/or grandparents reading the book to the young children and interacting with them through the questions and activities at the end of the book. This way, young and old alike learn to STOP and breathe before acting. Just think how that alone could change the world!

You can support the I STOP for Peace campaign in your family, your community of faith, a nearby preschool, after school program or a neighborhood elementary school by providing Smart Tools for Life materials.

All our books contain details of our unique and powerful mentor-program delivery system as an option. As a community, we can reduce violent acts and create communities capable of peace.

Your donation and review makes all the difference! Become a vital partner with the "I Stop for Peace Campaign!" Become a “viral” partner too. Tweet, share, multiply your impact!




Who do you know who needs this book and music? Buy the book for them! Who DON’T you know that could benefit from it? Make a donation for them, today!

Smart Tools for Life is a project of Growing Communities for Peace, a nonprofit organization.

Your Support:

$15.00 Participant level -- helps us continue our day-to-day operations.
$35.00 Enthusiast level -- helps us bring forth additional ground-breaking materials. New books and music are ready, waiting for funding!
$100.00 Sponsor level -- brings 3 copies of the book, The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace and the companion music CDs, I STOP for Peace and Songs for Peace into a pre-K or elementary classroom that has requested assistance.
$150.00 Patron -- makes downloadable I STOP for Peace art available to use on as many wearables as you like! Schools and churches can download the artwork to print on any item of their choice to enhance fundraising efforts.



You can start sharing this process by wearing the “I STOP for Peace” art on any T-shirt, backpack, towel, or coffee mug
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