We learn what is possible through the sharing of our stories. Participate in the "I Stop for Peace Campaign" with your child(ren), grandchildren and/or students and assist them with sharing their story of how they were peacemakers. Children can include their art with their stories.

The Smart Tools for Life books and music help children get ideas and begin to see themselves as capable of peacemaking. "The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace" book shows kids how conflict resolution can be used in their setting. They may want to tell how they worked out a conflict with a friend or family member. Unique and unrelated stories are just as valued! What creative ideas emerged? What solutions were found? Send them to us using this form:


We are collecting them for an upcoming book.

There are as many solutions to peace as there are people. We can learn from each other and co-create a culture of peace with children.

Please, join with us today!