Songs for Peace children's music

Smart Tools for Life Announces: New Children’s Music, “Songs for Peace” 

“If we are to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children,” said Gandhi. But how do we begin with the children if there are very few materials that specifically are designed to build the social skills so important in today’s world? Worse yet, today’s children can’t count on adults to role model these skills. At Smart Tools for Life, and our sister site: Children’s Peace Education Company (coming soon), we are making sure you have the materials to make learning the important social skills of peacemaking, peacebuilding, and peacekeeping fun and engaging for the children in your lives and you also have the support you are looking for to be effective role models and coaches for the youngsters.

The sessions you spend with children sharing our materials will not be boring lessons! You’re likely to find it’s the best time of the day and surely it’s the most important one! Check out this recent article: from Here’s an excerpt from this article where Evan Porter’s talking about a recent study:

“. . .  the 19-year study paints a pretty clear picture: Pro-social behavior matters, even at a young age. And because it can be learned, it’s a great ‘target for prevention or intervention efforts.’

“The bottom line? We need to do more than just teach kids information. We need to invest in teaching them how to relate to others and how to handle the things they’re feeling inside.

“Ignoring social skills in our curricula could have huge ramifications for our kids down the road.”

And that’s why we think it’s SMART to share our TOOLS!

The mission of our nonprofit, Growing Communities for Peace, is to create communities capable of peace. At Smart Tools for Life we are constantly developing children’s books, music, and other materials specifically to develop, maintain and support this culture. While children are enjoying the books and music, they will learn all sorts of “smart tools” that they can use throughout their lives. These smart tools include: peaceful conflict resolution, anger management (or how to use their anger wisely), and how to show caring, kindness, and compassion for themselves, others, and the Earth.

And thanks to your efforts, it will be the children that really change the culture, as their lives reflect the new “normal.” A normal where dialogue is used instead of violence, where care and kindness for “others” is commonplace, where people know how to work out their conflicts peacefully, and violence is so far down the list of possible choices, it is rare.

Between the ages of three and nine, children are sponges. The way they learn is different from how they will learn as adults. It’s a perfect opportunity to set in motion the wheels that will eventually turn the heavy load: our entire culture!

Songs for Peace

Our new music, Songs for Peace has 3 to 9 year-olds in mind. This upbeat music, geared for even those youngsters with short attention spans and a lively nature, includes movement on “I Can Make Peace All Over the Land,” (with feet and hands stamping and clapping) and on “Stretch High and Round.” There is dialogue between the songs that shows children that other children embrace this music. Children celebrate themselves on “I Smile at Myself,” “I’m Always the Right Age,” and “The Good Heart Journal.” They learn why it’s great to have diversity on, “Hurray! We’re Different (And Alike).” Downloads and CDs available at, or go to our products page and purchase it here. Also check out our other new music “I STOP for Peace.” More in the next blog.

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